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Mobile Environments by ProExhibits

Mobile environments can produce great results if done correctly. Beyond the unique drawing power of the vehicle itself is the ability to interact with prospects and customers close to or in their local environment.

ProExhibits is a leader in mobile environments and experiential marketing, specializing in the custom design, build, vehicle sales and leasing, tour equipment and logistics management services. We provide experiential marketing and environmental solutions to business-to-business and business-to consumer marketers.

Services include:

  • a custom environment vehicle
  • wrap-around graphics
  • driver/attendant teams
  • custom designed interiors
  • 24-hour hotline

Vehicle types include:

  • Tractor-Trailer Environments
  • RV Environments
  • Van Environments
  • Trailer Environments

A mobile environment is an exciting new approach available to companies that want to more efficiently market their products and services. Should you consider a mobile exhibit? Answer critical questions to determine if a mobile strategy could be an effective game plan for your business. To get your comprehensive checklist, click on the image below:


Leaving the details to our experts, ProExhibits’ clients concentrate on selling and showcasing their products and services. A great partnership with outstanding results.